During this pandemic, we are offering seeds to ship or come in and visit us to peruse the packages. To order send an email to andrea@rootedbytheriver.ca. We will pack them up and ship them directly to you (within Canada). All seed packages are $4 plus tax. Payments can be made via etransfer or cc over the phone at this time.

2021 Seed List – more to be added soon

Blauhilde BeanBeans
Blue Lake Bush 274 BeanBeans
Dragon Tongue Bush BeanBeans
Golden Butterwax BeanBeans
Purple Teepee BeanBeans
Thai Soldier Long BeanBeans
Detroit Dark Red BeetBeet
Golden BeetBeet
Albino BeetBeet
Suzhou Baby Bok ChoyBok Choy
Purple Lady Bok ChoyBok Choy
Calabrese Green Sprouting BroccoliBroccoli
Romanesco Italia BroccoliBroccoli
Long Island Improved Brussels SproutsBrussels Sprouts
Red Rubine Brussels SproutBrussels Sprouts
Brunswick CabbageCabbage
Golden Beauty Chinese CabbageCabbage
Hilton Chinese CabbageCabbage
Premium Late Flat Dutch CabbageCabbage
Tete Noire CabbageCabbage
Danvers 126 Half Long CarrotCarrot
Koral CarrotCarrot
St. Valery CarrotCarrot
Manpukuji CarrotCarrot
Kyoto Red Carrot (Pelleted)Carrot
Black Nebula CarrotCarrot
Cosmic Purple CarrotCarrot
New Kuroda CarrotCarrot
Purple of Sicily CauliflowerCauliflower
Amazing CauliflowerCauliflower
Rober CauliflowerCauliflower
Giant Prague CeleriacCeleriac
Utah Tall CeleryCelery
Stowell’s Evergreen Sweet CornCorn
Hopi Pink Flour CornCorn
Montana Lavender Clay CornCorn
Orchard Baby Sweet CornCorn
Striped Japonica CornCorn
Chicago Pickling CucumberCucumber
Marketmore 76 CucumberCucumber
Muncher CucumberCucumber
Black Beauty EggplantEggplant
Aurelia’s Verde AmaranthFlower
Golden Giant AmaranthFlower
Arikara SunflowerFlower
Autumn Beauty SunflowerFlower
Candyfloss Red CosmosFlower
King Theodore NasturtiumFlower
Takii’s Choice Mix ZinniaFlower
Dishcloth or Luffa GourdGourd
Takane Ruby BuckwheatGrain
Aunt Molly’s Ground CherryGround Cherry
Emily BasilHerb
Dazzling Blue KaleKale
Georgia Southern Collards (Creole)Kale
Early Purple Vienna KohlrabiKohlrabi
Bulgarian Giant LeekLeek
Crisp Mint LettuceLettuce
Flashy Butter Gem LettuceLettuce
Lollo Rossa LettuceLettuce
Parris Island Cos LettuceLettuce
Triumpheter or Glory of Voorburg LettuceLettuce
Common ArugulaLettuce
Golden Honeymoon MelonMelon
Little Marvel Garden PeaPea
Sugar Snap PeaPea
Kelvedon Wonder Garden PeaPea
Tom Thumb Garden PeaPea
De Grace Snow PeaPea
Blot PepperPepper
Cayenne Long Thin PepperPepper
Golden Cal Wonder PepperPepper
King Of The North PepperPepper
Lilac Bell PepperPepper
Ozark Giant PepperPepper
Jalapeno, Craig’s Grande PepperPepper
Anaheim PepperPepper
Bull Nose PepperPepper
Doux D’Espagne or Spanish Mammoth PepperPepper
Jalapeño, Lemon Spice PepperPepper
Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Hot PepperPepper
Zulu Sweet PepperPepper
French Breakfast RadishRadish
Saxa 2 RadishRadish
De 18 Jours RadishRadish
Giant of Sicily RadishRadish
Chinese Multicolor SpinachSpinach
Galilee SpinachSpinach
Red Malabar SpinachSpinach
Buttercup SquashSquash
Butternut-Waltham SquashSquash
Zucchini Golden SquashSquash
Yellow Scallop SquashSquash
Vulcan Swiss ChardSwiss Chard
Amish Paste TomatoTomato
Classic Beefsteak TomatoTomato
Roma TomatoTomato
Sub-Arctic Plenty or World’s Earliest TomatoTomato
Black Cherry TomatoTomato
Black Beauty TomatoTomato
Brad’s Atomic Grape TomatoTomato
Dr. Wyche’s Yellow TomatoTomato
Chadwick Cherry or Camp Joy TomatoTomato
Dad’s Sunset TomatoTomato
Great White TomatoTomato
White Currant TomatoTomato